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 Statskog SF - the Norwegian state-owned land and forest enterprise

The view from the peak of Ramskjeltind Photo: Carl Norberg

Statskog SF is a state-owned enterprise with a history back to 1860. Principal activities are forestry and land-use management on behalf of the Norwegian Government. Statskog  SF is the landowner of about 20 percent of the Norwegian mainland surface.

Photo: Istockphoto_joss
Statskog aims to make fishing readily available. So we offer a single licence, the Statskog Norway Licence, valid for all fishing on public lands, except state-owned common lands (Crown Lands) in southern Norway.
Grouse hunting Photo: Torkel Skoglund
Hunting is a strong tradition in Norway. It's a popular recreation, widely accepted by the public. Each year, some 140,000 men and women go hunting. Many hunt on Statskog lands. Statskog is the governmental guarantor for sustainable management and for public access to affordable hunting.
Dipper ("Fossekallen") - the national bird of Norway and an important symbol for Statskog
About Statskog
Statskog is a State-owned Enterprise (SOE) that manages public lands to perpetuate shared values. Statskog SOE is Norway’s largest landowner. Public lands amount to 59,000 km2, that is, a fifth of the mainland. Rypeprosjektet 2006 - 2011
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