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Small game hunting

Grouse hunting is commonplace. In Norway, it accounts for about  90% of all hunters. Statskog is a major lessor of grouse hunting rights. In addition, hunters may hunt capercaillie, beaver and hare.

Roe deer hunting
Do you want to hunt big game but lack experience? Start with roe deer. The little prince of the woods is easier to hunt than moose, deer or reindeer, in terms of handling the carcass, price and availability of hunting rights. 
Grouse Photo: Istockphoto_Grouse hunting

Statskog has large areas suitable for grouse hunting. The largest areas are in Nordland and Troms counties. Some areas are subject to restrictions, due to Statskog’s focus on sustainable management.
Male capercaillie Photo: Geir WagnhildWoodland birds

Statskog manages forest tracts suitable for woodland bird hunting.  Tracts of conifers often offer good hunting. Those often called “troll forests” are attractive for woodland bird hunting.
Hare hunting
Hares often are hunted in tracts of conifers, as are woodland birds, as well as in mountainous terrain. Statskog has many good hare hunting areas.
Beaver hunting
Beaver hunting is much in demand at Statskog. The best seasons are during the spring thaw and in early October, at the beginning of the main hunting season.
Crow Photo: Terje KolaasSmall predators
Statskog offers a hunting licence specifically for small predators, such as red fox, crow and badger. Small predator hunting is challenging and exciting.
Citizens of other countries not resident in Norway the previous year must apply to Statskog for a small predator hunting licence. Norwegian citizens and foreigners resident in Norway the previous year can buy licences online at Non-resident and resident hunting licences are numbered differently, so non-resident licences must be bought manually at the Statskog “Friluftstorget” service for hunting, fishing and cabin rental.
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