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Statskog owns and manages about 59,000 km2 of lands, about a fifth of the area of mainland Norway. Our properties are in Troms and Nordland counties and larger areas in southern Norway.
Fully 80 percent of Statskog's areas are above timberline. Slightly less than 40 percent of the areas are waters protected by the former conservation law, now replaced by the nature diversity law. Slightly less than 20 percent of the total area comprises forests.
Land ownership is of two sorts:
  • ordinary public lands in Troms and Nordland counties and in Southern Norway
  • Crown lands in Southern Norway 
Statskog aims to act as well as to cooperate with others to
  • manage, operate and develop State-owned forests and mountain properties and their associated resources and ancillary activities
  • operate properties efficiently with the goal of attaining satisfactory financial results
  • employ conservation measures and take consideration of outdoor life
  • use resources in a balanced manner; preserve and further develop renewable resources

(Ref: Statskog incorporation document 18.12.1992)

Public and private actors
In its operation and management of properties, Statskog strikes a balance of
  • organizing public responsibilities to benefit present and future generations
  • being an enterprising business that provides the basis for value creation
Statskog's main goal
  • Norway’s most professional land owner 
  • long-term profitability
    • most capable industrial forest owner
    • country’s foremost land owner in developing renewable energy resources
    • country’s leading land owner in property operation
    • realizes development potentials or properties
    • increasing numbers of customers and users through developing and arranging for hunting, fishing and outdoor life


Principal activities in operations and management

  • monitoring nature on our properties and registering the resources at our disposal
  • active forestry on our properties, with regard to the environment and other interests
  • management of several thousand renting and leasing contracts Rypeprosjektet 2006 - 2011
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