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Aanderelva in the county of Troms Photo: Claus Grimstad


Climate change and increasing demands for renewable energy have affected Statskog strategies. Greater efforts and investments have been put into developing renewable energy projects and establishing energy generating utilities.

Ownership of extensive land and natural resources are the basis for the Statskog initiatives to increase production of renewable energy.

The Statskog strategy entails cooperation with the power industry, grid companies, municipalities and other owners involved in developing renewable resources. The main business areas are small-scale hydro, wind power and bio energy.

Statskog SF has established a subsidiary, Statskog Energi AS, a company dedicated to investing in renewable energy projects, preferably based on Statskog resources. 
On  behalf of subsidiaries held jointly with power companies and land owners, Statskog has submitted several applications to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Administratin (NVE) for the relevant permits required.

Attaining the goals for increasing the production of renewal energy requires upgrading the capacity of the electrical transmission network. Statskog is working jointly with other power producers and electrical network companies to invest more in overall net capacity.
Foto: Jim T. Kristensen

Small-scale hydro
Developing small-scale hydro projects is the main activity of the Statskog energy unit. The potential for new capacity of environmentally friendly hydro power production is considerable in Norway. Statskog will be involved in hydro power generating activities on a long term basis.

Wind power
The wind power resources of Norway are among the best in Europe. Statskog is involved in project development and cooperates closely with traditional power companies and other relevant land owners. Statskog is concerned with compliance with environmental standards and with the use of land by stakeholders involved in by wind power projects.

Bio energy
The numbers of projects and bio energy plants are increasing dramatically. Statskog anticipates an increasing demand for biomass, both domestic and from Europe, due to increasing investments in the bio energy industry. Rypeprosjektet 2006 - 2011
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