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Dipper ("Fossekallen") - the national bird of Norway and an important symbol for Statskog

About Statskog

Statskog is a State-owned Enterprise (SOE) that manages public lands to perpetuate shared values. Statskog SOE is Norway’s largest landowner. Public lands amount to 59,000 km2, that is, a fifth of the mainland.

  • The properties are operated, managed and developed by Statskog SOE in collaboration with others
  • Statskog activities are in four core areas: property, energy, forestry and outdoor life
  • Statskog develops areas for building cabins and leasing properties
  • Statskog ensures the public right of access on public lands
  • Staskog is the country’s largest lessor of hunting rights
  • Statskog offers the "Statskog Norway licence" - a fishing licence valid for all public lands (save Crown Lands)
  • Statskog offers free fishing to children and young people less than 20 and to seniors age 67 or more
  • Statskog has 70 cabins across the country available for short-term rental
  • Statskog supports public outdoor life
  • Statskog focuses on increasing production of renewable and CO2-neutral energy
  • Statskog contributes to value creation in regions in which it has properties
Statskog initiated: (Norwegian only) – the hunting and fishing portal for the whole country. (Norwegian only) – the trekking portal for the whole country.
​​ Rypeprosjektet 2006 - 2011
Statskog SF | Søren R. Thornæs vei 10, Postboks 63 Sentrum, 7801 Namsos | Tlf: 07800 | |