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 Reasonable rental cabins

Taumevassletta rental cabin in Njardarheim (Rogaland/Agder) Photo: Odd Inge Worsøe
  • Statskog has about 70 rental cabins across the country
  • The cabins may be booked online at (Norwegian only; English in development)
  • Most cabins are of basic standard, with wood stoves and propane burners
  • Some have solar panel systems for lighting and a few have 220 VAC electricity and running water
  • The cabins are in good hiking terrain
  • Rental: From NOK 400 per cabin per night

Just a few cabins have roads ploughed in winter. But cross-country skiing in to a cabin often is part of the charm of old time cabin life.

Prepared ski tracks in to a cabin are more of an exception than a rule.

Please check our additional booking information

For further information on and booking of Statskog cabins:
For questions, contact Friluftstorget (custom service), Tel: (+47) 74213000 (within Norway: tel 07800, keyin 1), or E-Mail to


 View some of our cabins in South Norway Rypeprosjektet 2006 - 2011
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