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The Baerskogvannet lake i Nord-Reisa, Troms Photo: Carl Norberg

Rental cabins in Troms

Statskog rental cabins in Troms are in superb outdoor activity areas with many good fishing lakes nearby. With northern lights in winter or midnight sun in summer, cabin trips can be unforgettable experiences.

Photo: Geir Wagnild
Rental cabin: Balsfjord - Langvasstua
Small, cosy rental cabin at Langvannet lake in Balsfjord. Small game hunting in mountains and lowlands. Here there’s everything, from peaks and ptarmigan to magnificent willow grouse terrain.

Leinahytta - rental cabin Photo: Tore Bjørnstad
Rental cabin: Bardu - Leinahytta
The Leina cabin is popular and of good standard, located at Leinavatn lake in Bardu, Inner Troms. It’s a wilderness cabin in a location attractive for outdoor life, hunting and fishing. Here’s a place to experience the wilderness in a comfortable way.

Politioddhytta - rental cabin Photo: Tore Bjørnstad
Rental cabin: Bardu - Politioddhytta
Politioddhytta is a simple cabin at the innermost end of Altevatn lake, a popular hunting and fishing area in Bardu municipality.

Gærbethytta - rental cabin
Rental cabin: Kvænangen - Gærbethytta
This traditional wood cabin is at Gærbetvatnet (Lomvatnet) lake in Kvænangen. It’s a superb base for outdoor life, hunting and fishing.

Rental cabin - Dalstua Photo: Leidulf Vang
Rental cabin: Kvænangsbotn - Dalstua
This is a pleasant cabin innermost in Kvænangsbotn on the Kvænangselva river. The cabin is in fine terrain for outdoor life and good hunting and fishing, including salmon fishing in the Kvænangselva river.

Rental cabin - Reisavannhytta Photo: Leidulf Vang
Rental cabin: Nordreisa - Reisavannhytta
Reisavannhytta recently has been refurbished and is located in a splendid outdoor life area at Reisavann (Raisjavri) lake in Nordreisa municipality.

Rental cabin - Bergskoghytta Photo. Tarejei Gundestad
Rental cabin: Reisadalen - Bergskogshytta
Bergskoghytta is idyllically located at Bergskogvannet lake in Reisadalen. The location is good for outdoor life, hunting and fishing. Good fishing spots on the Reisaelva river are just a short drive away.

Rental cabin - Biltohytta Photo: Tore Bjørnstad
Rental cabin: Reisadalen - Biltohytta
Biltohytta is a fine, practical, roomy cabin on the bank of the Reisaelva river. It’s off the beaten path in the upper reaches of Reisadalen valley. The cabin is in a fine pine forest t hat offers good hiking, canoeing and river boating. Rypeprosjektet 2006 - 2011
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